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$75/session Schedule a private session with Simple Mentor.
  • Code Reviews
  • Personal Mentor
  • Career Training
  • Guidance
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$20-$70 Want to learn Simple Mentors ways? Say no more. Popular
  • Unique Guides
  • Researched
  • Highly Developed
  • Quality Methods
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8-Week Course

$299.99 Take a guided course with Simple Mentor.
  • Learn to code
  • Zero to six figures
  • Path Development
  • Get your first job
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What do others think about Simple Mentor?

"Blake is an experienced programmer that knows how to build connections and secure clients. If you want to learn more about programming and entrepreneurship, Simple Mentor is the perfect program for you"

Mariano Avila
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Your work has definitely pushed me to dive into the programming world, not for the money, but because you uncovered a passion of mine I’ve been holding back. Thanks Blake!"

Christopher Kennedy
Toronto, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in your course?

The Simple Mentor course doesn't just teach you to code. I take you through my learning path, my career development and my now six figure lifestyle. I teach you everything you need to know to get to my position in less than a year.

What can you promise?

I can guarantee you will leave my program with adequate knowledge and skills to obtain your first programming job within the first 6 months.

What if I can't afford your plans?
If you can't afford my course plans, feel free to take a look at my guides Here. Guides are special to each topic while still going in depth to teach you.

Why Simple Mentor and not the other programmers?

Simple Mentor removes the standard idea of just teaching you to code. Code takes up 30% of our careers, the rest is learning to communicate, working in a business environment and networking. I teach you from A to Z.

How do one-on-ones work?

Schedule a time with Simple Mentor to meet one on one. We can review code, talk business and I can even become your personal mentor.