Course Outline

Courses will begin on the date specified above. Course meetings will occur three times per week all after 5PM Central to help those who are transitioning from other job positions to programming or students. Not only will there be meetings but multiple private live streams for one-on-one time. No prior knowledge is required to join the course. All you need is the willingness to learn and adapt. This course will not hold your hand through learning to code, it will teach you what to practice, where to go, and how to rapidly progress.

I dedicated a year of my time to do hands on research with programming. I started with absolutely no knowledge in the area and now easily make six figures and have a full time developer position. This course will help you get on the right track to get to my position in less than 12 months.

My learning techniques and ethics have proven to be extremely valuable, take the time and small investment to learn and grow from them. Towards the end of the course I will be offering multiple options to get involved with Simple Mentor and other private platforms I work with.

Week Objective
Week 1 Initial Introduction
Basic overview of the course
What to begin studying
Week 2 Choosing your development path
Outlining and planning your path
Continuing and managing your path
Week 3 Introduction to coding basics
Learn to learn
Maintaining learning paces
Week 4 How does code work?
Why does code work?
What languages for different projects
Week 5 (Review) One-on-one time for progress reviews
How can you improve your learning speed/efficiency?
Week 6 Methods of generating over 6 figures
Fine tuning communication and business skills
Introduction to Freelance
Week 7 Interacting with clients
Writing contracts, proposals and outlines
Maintaining and building business partnerships
Week 8 Introduction to the business world
Connecting with enterprise level companies for jobs
Working in a corporate setting
Week 9 (Bonus) One-on-one guidance
Additional job search help
Opportunities to get directly involved with Simple Mentor