Hi, I'm Simple Mentor

Helping you find success, wealth and happiness.

Built on passion and ingenuity

In less than a year I built a full-time, high paying career. Starting from absolutely no knowledge in the programming sector and making my way up to lead developer positions. My goal is to make your entrance into programming as easy and effortless as possible.

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What drives me

Starting from nothing and creating a purposeful life.


I had a different life in mind for myself when I started. I wanted freedom from the average, prosperity and happiness. I pushed myself day after day to craft the perfect plan and path for developers to reach their maximum potential.


Programming is one thing, having a passion for it is another. I believe in the beauty and art of code and technology. I focus on bringing out the love for technology in others which in turn grows my love for the industry.


Innovation is a major key behind being successful in the tech industry. I've researched, developed and tested hundreds of innovative methods in development and business. My goal is to spread my bank of knowledge to you.

Meet your maker

One mentor here with you and for you.

Blake Connally

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